Welcome To Brand Central

Brand Central houses guidelines for creating a consistent experience across Quicken Loans and the Rocket sister companies (Rocket Mortgage® by Quicken Loans®, Rocket HomesSM, Rocket Loans® and Rocket HQSM). Use these guidelines to inform content and design decisions at every touchpoint between our brand and our clients.

Does the Brand team hold office hours?

Yes! To learn more about our brand or ask any specific questions email the RocketBrandIdentity@QuickenLoans.com distro to be added to our monthly Brand Office Hours.

Additionally, for questions about the Spark Design System, reach out to SparkDesignSystem@QuickenLoans.com to be added to their office hours. 

How do I share these pages with partners or vendors?

We don't yet have a way to grant Brand Central access to partners, vendors and freelancers who aren't on our network. Follow this tutorial to generate a PDF version of each page that you can send via email or for the full partner-friendly brand guide, email RocketBrandIdentity@QuickenLoans.com.